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#Enhanced Edition - RGB Grille Addon (for Existing RGB Halo Owners)

£29.17 (£35.00 Inc VAT)


Please note: RGB Halos NOT included!

We give you the RGB Halo, Grille Addon

An led system designed to integrate with your existing RGB Halos from CEUK

seemless integration with a choice of 1 or 2 strips

This kit is for the RGB Halo kit - WILL NOT work with our Chaser Halos

How does it work?

The kit comes with ah adapter that is designed to plug into your existing connectors on the RGB halos. Using the halo receiver the grille will mimic your halos completely, with the same colours and settings you currently love

Whats in the box? 

- Grille Strip (choice of one of 2)

- Splitter Connector

- Wiring Loom


12 Months warranty on the LED Strips providing the instructions are followed.

Warranty will be void if fitted incorrectly with zero tolerance or exceptions.


Grille kits are made to order and may take 24-48 working hours to be dispatched after order, This can add delays to delivery timescales, please be patient once ordered.




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