Ambient Footwell Front & Rear Installation

Ambient Footwell Front & Rear Installation


The fitting for the ambient interior kit is very straight forward, and involves only a small steps that we can advise - The key parts of the puzzle are the dismantling of your interior to allow you to fit. Please note, when removing panels from your interior please be gentle to avoid damaging your vehicle. CEUK can not be held responsible for any damage caused to a customers vehicle during fitting.


Step 1:

Open your glove box, we now need to drop the compartment down. Squeeze either side of the glove box whilst pulling it down - this should drop the glove box out of its holder.

Step 2:

Remove the fuse box cover in your passenger footwell, There are 2 plastic clips that just pull off then the foam cover removes easily.

Step 3:

Remove the plastic panels on either side of your gear stick at the inside of the footwell to allow you to feed cables through.

Step 4: 

Now your panels are removed, Take your handbook and locate fuse number 7 in your passenger fuse box. Remove this fuse using a pair of plyers if possible, if not your fingers should suffice. Once the fuse is removed, plug the fuse into the empty slot on the fuse holder on the kit we have supplied, You should now have 2 fuses on the back of this connector, the one from us and the one from your vehicle. Take the piggy back fuse on our kit and plug this into fuse location 7.

Step 5:

Near the latch that holds your glove box in place youll see a nut and bolt, undo the nut a little bit to allow you to feed in the horse shoe connector on the end of the black wire in between. Whilst holding the wire in place, tighten up this nut as tight as possible without over tightening and causing damage.

Step 6:

Test the panels in the connectors on each connector to ensure they are working. Make sure when connecting the panels to the loom you are connecting Red > Red and Black > Black.

Step 7: 

Once confident everything is working, feed your cables to where they need to go, plug in the panels to the loom, remove sticky pads and secure in place. Then put your car back together.

Job done!


Useful Tip:

When sticking panels in place, ensure area is clean and hold in place tightly for 30 seconds to ensure a good bond is made.

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