Chaser Edition Glove Box Strip Installation Guide

Chaser Edition Glove Box Strip Installation Guide

The fitting for the glove box led kit is very straight forward, and involves only a small number of steps that we can advise - The key parts of the puzzle are the dismantling of your interior to allow you to fit (footwell part). Please note, when removing panels from your interior please be gentle to avoid damaging your vehicle. CEUK can not be held responsible for any damage caused to a customers vehicle during fitting.

If you have ordered footwell's as part of the kit, the longest strip is your glove box with the 2 minimally shorter strips being your footwell lights.

Step 1: 

Lower your glove box out of place to access the fuse box. This can be achieved by opening the glove box then squeezing either side of it to allow it to pass the dash and drop lower then usual! (Ensure the glove box is empty otherwise you'll have a footwell full of rubbish)

Step 2:

Using your handbook, Locate fuse 7 (SEVEN) in your passenger fuse compartment. Gently remove the fuse but be sure to take note of the location in the fuse box so as to not forget. Now take the piggy back fuse holder attached to the red wire of your new wiring loom attached to the bluetooth receiver, and insert the fuse you have just removed into the empty slot next to the fuse we provided you with your kit! Once completed, take the piggy back fuse and insert it into your fuse box in the fuse number 7 location!

Step 3:

Just inside the hole where your glove box is inserted, look in the top middle and you will see 2x nuts on the end of a screw either side of the glove box latch - this is a 10mm nut. Use a ratchet to loosen off the nut, and then take the horse shoe connector on the end of the black wire from your grille kit loom, insert the horse shoe connector in between the nut and then tighten. 

Step 4:

Plug the LED strip into the Red/Green/White connector on the bluetooth box and switch your ignition on, if the LED strip comes on as soon as you turn the key then the wiring loom is installed correctly - if not, review your connections ensure everything is tight and if still no luck get in touch with us. Now unplug the strip from your wiring loom. 

Step 5:1 (for customers with an OEM Glove box strip)

Remove the oem LED strip - this simply pulls out from the gap, it is held in by several clips on the bottom of the strip - One you have pulled the strip from its place, reach up from behind where the wire goes into the dash, and follow the wire to the connector on the plug - this simply unplugs - now put this aside and follow the strep below.

Step 5:2 (Customers without the strip / Installing the CEUK Strip)

In the section where the led light would normally sit - look in the very left hand top corner and you will see a hole about the size of a one pound coin (Picture 5). Feed the connector on the end of the LED strip into this hole, reach round inside the rear of the hole and pull the wire through GENTLY - Now connect the LED strip to the wiring loom inside your dash board.

Using the Alcohol wipe provided, thoroughly clean the area where you are going to stick the strip (Recommended to stick on the upper side of the gap, facing down and away from the passenger seat) and ensure the area is thoroughly dried afterward- Now remove the 3M backing tape, and place the strip where you would like it secured. You may find due to the texture of the dash board it may appear to not bond immediately, hold it firmly in place for a couple of minutes and allow the tape to do its thing, try to leave it in place as opposed to peeling off and re sticking, as this may make the tape lose its stick.

Step 6:

Once the strip is secured in place, pull the wires from behind to ensure out of sight, ensure everything is connected and tight. Hide the bluetooth receiver in the gully to the left of your glove box, ensure it stays put as when you close the glove box if it catches the receiver it could cause damage. push your glove box back into place and then switch your ignition on to enjoy your newest #Enhancement

Step 7:

 Install the app on your device <MagicLED> once downloaded open the app 

After a few seconds, the white screen will pop up the term "SP105E" - click this. This will then take you into the led control portal and your grille strip should come on instantly (If not, click the ON/OFF toggle at the top right of the screen).

Before utilizing the features of the app - click "Settings" at the top right hand corner. There are now two columns / menus. In the left column ensure that "BRG" is selected, and in the right column select "WS2811". If these settings aren't in play, the strip will not work!

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