Chaser Edition Halo Instructions

CEUK RGB Halo - Chaser Edition installation guide!

Please use this as a guide if you are unsure about electrics please follow these to the letter or seek guidance. It is really simple and straight forward and should take all together no longer than 30 minutes to fit the halos. Although the process is extremely simple it is advisable that if you have no experience of dealing with electrics you leave this to a professional, damage caused to the halos as a result of malpractice are not covered under warranty so please ensure before undertaking this task you are equipped enough to do so. 

Also please bear in mind that any electrical mishaps can result in fires so proceed with caution!

DO's and DONT'S
·         Follow this guide exactly to the letter – it is here to ensure no damage is caused to the halos or the vehicle!
·         Ask CEUK for help if you need it
·         Have a general basic knowledge for electrics and how it works.
·         Ensure all engine and electrics are switched off
·         Skip any steps
·         Think you know better
·         Be rough with the wires
·         Assume
·         Alter the product in any way (Changing wires etc) - this will Void Warranty with no exceptions
·         Insert the fuse before earth and live are secure under any circumstances!

Step 1: Remove all the items from your box - familiarize yourself with each components. Locate the red & black wire with circle connectors on the end and also the inline fuse holder. Remove the fuse from the holder and put this aside for the moment, Do NOT leave the fuse in during installation


Step 2: The circular connectors on the end of the red and black wire are your power source. It is advisable to cut the connector from a circle to a half circle (horse shoe) for easier fitment, however they can also be left whole in you prefer! Undo the 10mm nut from your Battery Live and insert the RED connector between the terminal and the nut. Once inserted, Tighten the nut. (Top Tip: Do not over tighten this nut, they have a tendency to split)


Step 3: Now locate your earthing point (This can be either the earth terminal, or the earth strap above your fuse box) - Loosen the nut and this time insert the BLACK connector. Once inserted you can re tighten this nut, again without over tightening!


Step 4: Once the terminals have both been connected, route your wiring, bluetooth receiver and halos to the scuttle panel and place there for the time being to proceed with installation. Now, taking the fuse you earlier removed - you must now Re Insert this fuse. Take care whilst re inserting, bending of the prongs can result in the fuse becoming faulty!


Testing! - Download the halo app from the App / Play store - the app is called MagicLED - Once the app is downloaded, open it  and a white screen will appear stating "Scan Bluetooth Device" - after a few seconds your device will show up in the menu. Simply click the device name and it will take you into the halo control centre! Now the fun begins. Have a play with your halos, familiarise yourself with the settings and test that everything is working as it should be!


Step 5: Installing the rings! Do this one ring at a time, and repeat for the other ring once completed. Unplug the selected ring from the loom (Follow the wire from the halo up to the connector and gently unclip) - The fog surround will need removing from the vehicle as well! Now you need to affix your halo to the fog! There are 2 ways to do this. 

Top Tip: Ensure the wires are at the TOP - ensure both halos are identical, otherwise when you have moving functions enabled they will look off sync!

Halo fitting 1: "Affixing the ring to the glass" - Remove the red ring from the back of the halo ring to reveal the attached 3m application tape. Using the alcohol wipe provided, clean the area you are sticking the halo to and dry off with a piece of tissue. Now firmly press the halo against the area and hold in place for upto 30 seconds to ensure a tight bond is formed!

Halo fitting 2: "Securing the halo to the fog surround CEUK RECOMMENDED" - Using the tape provided in your application kit, cut the tape into segments about 2 cm long. Affix the tape to the halos like the pic below (FIG1) - Remove the red layer from the tape and insert the halo into the fog surround, ensuring the tape sits between the outter edge of the halo and the inner edge of the fog surround - see picture FIG2 & FIG3 for guidance.


Step 6: Once the halos are attached to the fog surrounds, Feed the wire through the hole above the fog light and re attach the fog surround to the vehicle. Re connect the rings to the loom. Using the tape supplied, apply a generous amount to the 3 connectors on the loom (2 for the rings, and one for the receiver) (FIG4) - we recommend using 4-6 layers of tape and ensure it is spread 2 inches wide. This will stop water ingress, Any damage caused due to improper sealing and water ingress is not covered under warranty!


Step 7: Cable routing! Undo the screws at the top of your bumper to enable you access behind, Now feed your bluetooth receiver and the grey metal box behind the top of the bumper and ensure this is kept out of sight and away from any possibility of getting wet. Use a cable tie to fasten any wires you feel necessary, but try not to pull too tightly on the wires and risk damaging the product.


Step 8: Enjoyment. Put your car back together, grab your phone, stand back and enjoy the views - As you sir, have been #Enhanced!


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