CoronaVirus Re Open, Action Plan & Customer Info

During these troubling times it has been difficult to know what is right and what is wrong. Our staff and our customers' safety is our most important goal during this Pandemic and based on current government advise we have decided to re open our workshop for installation of hardware, software & Servicing.


Unfortunately we have had to implement strict policies to be able to keep both customers and staff safe, which are detailed below. 


If you plan to visit our HQ to have parts installed then it is absolutely paramount that you adhere to the below policies, and unfortunately any customers who abuse or do not adhere will be asked to leave the premises.


Workshop Opening Hours / Days:

Our workshop will be opening on the following days:

  • Monday > CLOSED
  • Tuesday > OPEN
  • Wednesday > OPEN
  • Thursday > OPEN
  • Friday > CLOSED

To begin with - for at least the whole of June & July the opening hours on the open days will be 12:00 - 17:00 - This is to allow us to diversify our staffing and ensure that we dont have too many members off staff in at any given time to allow us to social distance.

Now obviously going from 40 working hours to 15 makes for a competitive schedule, and on this basis we may refuse small jobs that we are able to explain to the customer how to do themselves

On August 1st i will review the current global situation with a view of adding more working hours throughout the week.


Customers On Site:

Under no circumstances at all will we be allowing customers on site, Unless it is to drop their car off for work to be completed with a prior booking. Under no circumstances should you decide to arrive at our HQ without prior booking or being asked to by ourselves. 


Waiting Area:

Due to the Pandemic and risk of infection, and in order to ensure our customers are safe we will not be maintaining a waiting area on site. The time needed to disinfect the room after each visit and risk to customer health if we miss anything is too severe.

If you are booked in for work, unfortunately we will be asking you to drop your keys in a safe place and leave the premises. You can either wait outside our premises or take a walk / bus / taxi to the local city center. We will give you a phone call once the job is complete for you to come and collect the vehicle.

Unfortunately we wont be able to entertain anybody on site for longer than the couple of minutes it takes to pick up and collect your vehicle. We apologise if this is upsetting but this is with you in mind. Any customer who lingers, or refuses to leave will be handed their keys and asked to leave!

Shipping and deliveries:

Shipping and deliveries are unaffected by staffing - Our packing team is now back in the office packing and shipping deliveries as normal. Delays may be incurred by couriers however and at present we are not guaranteeing any shipping times!


Whilst we know this isnt the friendly and familiar CEUK you are used to, my first and most important feeling is that my customers and staff need to be safe! So i hope you can understand the measures i have taken and i do thoroughly hope that we can resume normal service by the end of summer - as contrary to popular belief i would love to see our workshop back operating normal timescales!

I do need to mention that i will show a zero tolerance approach to anybody that can not maintain these simple policies and if this is the case you will be asked to leave immediately.


Thank you so much for the love and support, Please stay safe!


Managing Director

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