Enhanced Edition Double Boot Light Installation

This should take no more than a couple of minutes, and the only tool needed is a small flat head screw driver to pop out your existing boot light holder.


Step 1 <Preperation>:

Begin by preparing your car for the install. Behind your rear lights inside your boot, pull the carpet away from the vehicle body as far back as you can without removing completely. Now remove the plastic lense holding the boot bulb in place, remove the bulb and lense from the holder and put aside for the time being.

Step 2 <Install>:

Plug your 501 adapter into the bulb holder - ensure that both the metal pins on the 501 adapter are straight and close to the outter edge of the plastic - be mindful, the pins can move whilst inserting so try and ensure this does not happen. Once the adapter is in place, plug the wiring loom into the adapter and then plug a panel into each connector to make sure they both work. 

Note: if the panels do not come on, or one does and one doesn't - unplug the panel, rotate the connector 180 degrees and re insert.

Step 3 <Cable Routing>:

Once confident that both panels are working correctly, you can unplug them both and put aside for the time being. Feed the entire length of the wiring loom through the boot light hole and bring it down below the plastic, as if it was going behind the carpet. Next - run the wire across to the rubber seal going around the bottom of your boot door. (Be sure not to pull too tightly as the connector may unplug). Route the cable under neath the rubber trim and across to the other side - then feed up behind the carpet and plastic, you'll notice another hole on the opposite side - feed the wire so it comes out of this hole again.

Step 4 <Light>:

Once the cable is successfully routed, plug your panels in again (repeating the above if they do not come on) and once all panels are working as they should be, remove the backing tape from the panel and secure them in place where you would like them. ideally in the middle for best light output.

Step 5 <Finish>:

Once all in place, push your carpets back into their position and ensure all cables are hidden - you can also re insert the plastic boot bulb holder lense at this point and trap the wire in between the cover and the surround for a neater look (Just ensure that you dont trap the cable in a fashion where it could cause damage)


Job done! - #Enhanced

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