Fitting Instructions - MK8 Fiesta Fog Guards

CEUK Fog Guard fitting guide
Please use this as a guide. It is really simple and straight forward and should take all together no longer than 10 minutes to fit the guards. Although the process is extremely simple it is advisable that if you have no experience of dealing with trims you leave this to a professional, damage caused to the item as a result of malpractice are not covered under warranty so please ensure before undertaking this task you are equipped enough to do so.

Please also bare in mind, CEUK can not be held accountable for any damage to your vehicle, parts or clips when you fit this item!

DO's and DONT'S
·         Follow this guide exactly to the letter – it is here to ensure no damage is caused to the guards or the vehicle!
·         Ask CEUK for help if you need it
·         Have a general basic knowledge for trim removal and how it works.
·         Ensure all engine and electrics are switched off
·         Skip any steps
·         Think you know better
·         Be rough with the parts
·         Assume
·         Alter the product in any way 


Before you begin - if you have selected No to fitting kit you will require an alcohol wipe, or alcohol cleaner - and a trim removal tool. If you selected yes to a fitting kit we have supplied this, all you need is a piece of tissue, kitchen roll or rag!


Step 1: Trim Removal

Place the trim removal tool against the glass, and pry it in the gap between the glass of the lense and the trim - either at the top or bottom (wherever you have a gap) - Whilst gently prying against the lense to pop the surround out - This should all come out as 1 piece and leave you with the fog lense visible

Take care not to be too rough and damage clips and / or the glass!


Step 2: Clean

Using an alcohol wipe or solution, vigorously clean the area ensuring any residue, dirt, grease and grime is removed - if the lights have been tinted prior please make sure all glue is removed. This is very important, if there is anything on the lense the tape wont stick!

Once cleaned use a DRY CLEAN rag or tissue to ensure the area is fully dry and free of solution!


Step 3: Line up & Stick

Using the top border of the fog light as your guide, remove both of the tape covers and line up the outer edge and top of the guard with your lense - the cover is about 1mm wider on all sides so you cant really get this wrong - Just ensure that the guard fully covers the lense. If installing the race ones ensure your fitment is perfect otherwise your 5 slits wont be in the visible area


Step 4: Confirm fit

Once you've lined up and stuck - push both sides where the tape is for 30 seconds to 1 minute ensuring it is stuck firmly. Giving a gentle tug the cover should be solid.

If it hasn't stuck, your lense was not clean!


Step 5: Build up

Now pop the fog cover back into place, and push firmly in ensuring all clips are in their holes and back in position


Job done!

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