Independent Chaser Grille Strip Installation Guide

Independent Chaser Grille Strip Installation Guide 
Please use this as a guide if you are unsure about electrics please follow these to the letter or seek guidance. It is really simple and straight forward and should take all together no longer than 30 minutes to fit the Grille Strip. Although the process is extremely simple it is advisable that if you have no experience of dealing with electrics you leave this to a professional, damage caused to the product as a result of malpractice are not covered under warranty so please ensure before undertaking this task you are equipped enough to do so. 
Also please bear in mind that any electrical mishaps can result in fires so proceed with caution!

DO's and DONT'S

  • Follow this guide exactly to the letter – it is here to ensure no damage is caused to the product or the vehicle!
  • Ask CEUK for help if you need it
  • Have a general basic knowledge for electrics and how it works.
  • Ensure all engine and electrics are switched off
  • Heavily tape all the plastic connectors using the tape provided!


  • Skip any steps
  • Think you know better
  • Be rough with the wires
  • Assume
  • Alter the product in any way (Changing wires etc) - this will Void Warranty with no exceptions
  • Insert the fuse before earth and live are secure under any circumstances!


Step 1 - <Preparation>:

Before any task is undetaken, it is important to prepare for it! To install this kit, you will need to remove both of your headlights and your front grille, and also undo the top bolts holding your bumper to your slam panel. Please take care when doing so, the grille can be extremely brittle and any damage caused to your vehicle is not the responsibility of CEUK

Step 2 <Content Check>:

You need to ensure you have every part of the kit available and intact prior to beginning. You should have the following

  • 1x Bluetooth Receiver, with Earth/Live fused wire & Strip connector
  • Grille Strip (1x if single strip, 2x if double strip)
  • Grille Strip connector (if ordered double strip)
  • End Stop Clip
  • 5amp Fuse
  • PVC Tape
  • Strip Application Clips (4x for one strip, 8x for 2 strips)

Step 3 <Power Installation>:

Ensure that the fuse is REMOVED from the fuse holder before beginning - and put to one side for the time being. Now using a ratchet, Undo the nut on the positive terminal of your battery. Insert the crimp connector labelled "Battery" underneath this nut, then tighten back up (Please note: if over tightened this nut will shatter, please take care). Once the Red/Battery cable is secure, Take your ratchet to your Earth Terminal / Earthing Strap and undo the nut here. Now take the crimp on the black cable labelled "Earth Strap" and insert under the nut, Once again tighten the nut ensuring not over tightened.

Step 4 <Product Test>:

Once youve installed the power cable - Just do a short test ensuring all the items are working as they should be prior to full installation. Install the app on your device <MagicLED> and plug the strip into the bluetooth receiver (Add the extension and 2nd strip if bought the double strip kit) - once all plugged together, insert the fuse into the fuse holder on the red cable. Open the app and a white screen will appear.

After a few seconds, the white screen will pop up the term "SP105E" - click this. This will then take you into the led control portal and your grille strip should come on instantly (If not, click the ON/OFF toggle at the top right of the screen).

Before utilizing the features of the app - click "Settings" at the top right hand corner. There are now two columns / menus. In the left column ensure that "BRG" is selected, and in the right column select "WS2811". If these settings aren't in play, the grille strip will not work!

Have a play around with the app, and get comfortable with it. Once you are content the strips are working, turn the on/off toggle to off, REMOVE THE FUSE and unclip all the strips from the receiver and carry on with the install!

Step 5 <Cable Routing>:

After the bluetooth box power terminals are installed, run the cable around the back of the fuse box and down the right hand side - running underneath the passenger headlight. Now take the box and feed it across the shelf behind the bumper and ford badge - ensure the box goes all the way across to the DRIVER side as far as possible. This is because once the strip is connected, you will loop the strip underneath and stick it to the bottom of the shelf the bluetooth receiver sits on.

Step 6 <Strip Installation>:

Like all adhesive installs, ensure the area is clean and dry by using an Alcohol cleaning mixture such as IPA prior to install.

You can install the strip however you feel, We have supplied a packet of self adhesive clips in with this kit, for you to secure in place, However you can use superglue or tiger seal if you prefer! If using our clips top install, ensure the clip does not cover an led on the strip as this will impact brightness and output. Also, when inserting the strip into the clip - try and open the clip as much as you can prior to sliding the strip in, as if this is too tight and catches / kinks the led strip this can damage the strip!

Ensure the strip is installed so that the connector comes to the DRIVER side of the vehicle ensuring it can connect to the bluetooth receiver box.

Once you connect the strip to the bluetooth receiver, use the supplied PVC tape to heavily cover the connector ensuring no water can get inside - we recommend taping 1 inch either side of the clip and using 4 layers ensuring no gaps between layers.

Step 7 <Finish for single strip installation>:

Once your strip is installed and all the above steps are followed, Insert the small End Stop clip into the end of your strip - then again heavily tape the connector with 4 layers of tape. This end is there for you to add extra strips into the kit at a later date (Sold Separately)! Once all connections are fully taped - re insert your fuse, put your car back together and enjoy!


Step 8 <2nd Strip Addition>:

Once youve installed your first top strip - youll notice on the passenger side of the vehicle is a clip on the end of the strip - Take the strip extension cable out of your packet and clip it to the end of this strip. Take the other end of the cable and attach it to your 2nd strip - then again ensuring the area is clean and dry you can stick the 2nd strip in place toward the bottom of the bumper.

Once your strip is installed and all the above steps are followed, Insert the small End Stop clip into the end of your strip - then again heavily tape the connector with 4 layers of tape. 

Once everything is installed - ensure ALL clips are now heavily taped - 1 inch either side of the clip and a minimum of 4 layers ensuring no gaps can be seen - The re insert your fuse and enjoy!

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