MK2 Focus 25mm Spoiler Riser Installation Guide

Mk2 Focus ST Wing 25mm Wing Riser Kit.

If you do feel its not your cup of tea, dont hesitate, message me, ill be happy to help.
1. Open boot, detatch parcel shelf strings and remove the central panel to access 3 bolts.

2. Remove 3 bolts with a 8mm Ratchet.

3. Undo but do not remove the two bolts either side. Doing this will allow you do keep the spoiler intact without it flopping about whilst placing spacers inbetween and threading bolts through.

4. lower boot down, on each side, there are two small clips that hold the spoiler to the boot, using a small flatheaded screwdriver with a cloth to stop any damage, pull clips off. The spoiler should now be rather loose now allowing you to place 25mm spacers between the spoiler and the boot. I found it was easier to loosen off side bolts to maximum thus allowing more room to squeeze you fingers between from one side. What you will notice once placing the spacers, a small hole appears, squared shaped, using the small vinyl pieces, place over the holes, this will stop any water coming back inside, whilst washing the car or if it rains. you can do this from either the inside next to the bolt or outside next to the spacer itself, which ever you prefer.

5. Whilst holding spacer in place over the hole, thread the 40mm M6 Allensocket bolt with washer through, repeat for the other two 25mm spacers. Do not tighten up full, just enough that it will not fall off once you position the 10mm spacers on the outside.

6. Now that the middle bolts are now sitting pretty, you can undo both 8mm bolts on the outside, allowing you to place the 10mm spacers inbetween, using the a 30mm M6 Allensocket bolt, thread through the spacers into the spoiler and tighten until snug. (do not overtighten)

7. Now the two outsides are tight, you can tighten up the 3 central bolts again making sure you not over tightening them and your done.

8. Replace plastic cover, reattach parcel shelf, and close boot.

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