MK3 Focus RS & ST Footwell Light installation guide

MK3 Focus RS & ST Footwell Light installation guide


Troubleshooting and Issue Assistance

Tools Needed:

  • Small Flat Head Screwdriver

Please follow the below guide for installation your CEUK Footwell lights in your MK3 Focus

Step 1: Remove the OEM Light unit using a small flat head screw driver - Use this to pry the plastic lense out of place.


Step 2: Unplug the OEM Light unit from the wire connector - Please note, you'll see the plug has 3 connectors, but your existing lense only has 2 prongs - As does the CEUK Panel - we will be using these 2 connectors.


Step 3: Take the CEUK Panel and inter the 2 prongs into the OEM connector. The RED Cable on the CEUK Panel should plug into the Green/Brown wire - and the BLACK Cable on the CEUK panel should plug into the CENTER hole!


Step 4: Please note - some cases of incorrect Polarity may occur, if the panel doesn't come on immediately, unplug the panel, rotate 180 degrees and re insert!


Step 5:Once you are satisfied the LED Panel is working, Peel off the sticky proof paper on the rear of the CEUK Panel, and stick the panel to the OEM Lense you have removed! Try get it as central as possible


Step 6: Replace the OEM Lense in its original hole with the panel secured over the top - tuck the wire as much as you can into the hole and allow a little to bridge round the lense to the front - Take care when re inserting the lense to not penetrate the wire!


Trouble Shooting and Issue Assistance:

1: My Panel has a couple of LED's out in a straight row

If the LED has a straight line of 3 or 6 LED's out - or 2 straight lines of 3 on the panel, this is totally normal. The LED Panel has circuits designed to control voltage and will switch off if the are drawing too much power from the vehicle - Any more than 6 LED's out then please report this to us as a fault.

2: Iv plugged my panels in but nothing has come on

2 solutions here - 1: You've plugged the panel in incorrectly, please again refer to the above instructions. 2: The time delay has crept in - after so long of the doors being open the lights switch off - close all doors on the vehicle, Lock it then unlock and open the door again!

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