MK3 Focus Wing Riser Install Guide

MK3 Riser Install Guide.

Personally i found it easier to remove the light to take off the white tabs but you do not need to.

1. Open boot, detatch parcel shelf strings and remove the central panel to access 3 bolts.

2. Remove the 3 bolts with 8mm ratchet and also remove the black outer screws using a torx bit, be careful not to let spoiler fall forward, its nice and light.

3. Lift off the spoiler, remove all white plastic tabs underneath, i also removed the white stickers as you can see them if you look from certain angles. Up to you if you want to remove the neopreme, but i left this as if you want to revert back to standard later, you would need another one so it sits snuggly back on your window. Place the Black vinyl Dots over the holes across the boot area that arent used to stop water going inside boot itself.

4. Position the spoiler back in place, and carefully position the 10mm black spacer on the lowest hole as you look at it on the outside, using the screws, thread through the hole and through the spacer in the spoiler, do not fully tighten as yet until all fittings are in place. Repeat the process for the other side.

5. Now that the outer fixings are in place, carefully position the 30mm spacers and thread the 50mm allen bolt through the spacer into spoiler, do the same for all three.

6. Now that all fixings are in place you can tighten all the fixings up hand tight without over tightening them.

7. Once all risers are in place, its time to add the two L shaped Risers, what they do is support the spoiler and stop it from Bouncing/Flexing when boots open and closed. Stiffens it all up. Place spacer on the outer rear hole, line the spacer face up so the small tab lines up with the hole on the spoiler so it has maximum contact across, hold in place and tighten.

8. Place centre panel back in and reattach parcel shelf, and close boot.

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