MK4 Focus - HID Kit Installation

This is a guide on how to install our brand new HID H7 dipped beam units to your MK4 Focus Halogen Headlights

Please ensure you follow this guide to the letter, as if not installed correctly you risk damaging both your own vehicle and the product. Failure to install correctly will also result in poor results from the product.

Do's & Dont's:

·         Follow this guide exactly to the letter – it is here to ensure no damage is caused to the product or the vehicle!
·         Ask CEUK for help if you need it
·         Have a general basic knowledge for electrics and how it works.
·         Ensure all engine and electrics are switched off

·         Do Not touch the glass on the HID bulb - this will cause failure
·         Skip any steps
·         Think you know better
·         Be rough with the wires
·         Assume
·         Alter the product in any way (Changing wires etc) - this will Void Warranty with no exceptions

Whats in the kit?

In your kit you will receive the following items:

  1. 2x HID Ballasts (Silver Box)
  2. 2x HID Bulb in required temperature (Colour)
  3. 2x MK4 Focus CEUK Designed HID Clips
  4. 2x Fitting Brackets (Not necessarily needed)
  5. Fitting Bracket installation kit 

How to install:

Step 1:

Remove all the components from your box and set them aside. Remove the headlights from your vehicle - this kit can not be fitted with headlights still inside the car!

Step 2:

You'll see the HID bulb has 4 cables going through a rubber grommet. Remove the 2 cables with spade connectors from the rubber grommet, leaving you with the rubber grommet just attached to the cables that physically go into the bulb base itself, place the other 2 cables aside for the time being you will need these later.

Step 3: 

While ensuring you DO NOT touch the glass, Take one of the HID clips, orientate it so the flap points downward and side the 2 plastic connectors on the cable that goes into the base of the bulb through the centre. Run the clip up the cable, and bend the rubber grommet so it also goes through the hole and continue to slide the clip up to the base of the bulb. Slide the clip over the base of the bulb then twist the clip into place, so the 7mm flat point out section lines up with the same shape section of the bulb itself and is pushed right up to the base (See image below)




Step 4: 

Now, taking your bulb with the hid clip attached - assuming you have already removed the bulb in your headlight. Take the small flat point of the Hid bulb and inside it into the slot in the headlight for where it is designed to sit, at a slight angle. Now either by pushing with your hand, or very gently with a small flat head screw driver, push down on the other side of the hid clip where the downward pointing section is ensuring that this is pushed down enough to clip into the holder - see image below



Step 5: 

Once both bulbs are plugged in like so, take the spade connector section of the loom you removed earlier and plug each spade into the connector where the oem bulb previously plugged into the light (Note: if once you complete step 6 the lights do not turn on, remove and switch round the spade connectors as the kit will only work with the spades in the correct way around)


Step 6: 

Now take the ballast and plug it into all the connectors on the bulb - this is a fairly self explanatory process. Once all connected in place plug the headlight back in and test your lights remembering they do take a couple of seconds to warm up. If they dont come on immediately check all connections and follow the step 5 ending section.


Step 7:

Once satisfied all is working, place the headlights back and find a location to mount / hide your ballasts. This can be done with either the fitting kit supplied or some double sided tape. Keep away from any moving or hot components within the engine!

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