MK8 C:Performance Induction Kit Fitting Guide

How to fit the C:Performance Induction kit for the MK8 Fiesta 1.00 EcoBoost

Tools Required

  • Flat Head Screw Driver
  • Alan Key
  • 10mm Spanner

You can view step by step photos at the bottom of this page.

Step 1:

Unclip the Sensor from the tube connected to the air box. Once disconnected, remove the sensor from the inside of the tube. Place to one side for the time being.

Step 2:

Remove the airbox, There is 1x flat head screw at the front of the airbox to undo. Once removed, pull the pipe to the right to disconnect and lift the full airbox out. This is head in by 2 rubber bungs at the bottom and just pulls out.

Step 3:

Insert the new cage in place - lining up the holes in the cage with the holes from the rubber bungs. Now take your 2x Long alan key bolts and a washer and insert through the hole, On the lower side of the cage insert a washer and a 100mm nut and tighten thoroughly but not overly. The metal bracket then goes over the remaining air intake pipe and bolts in place where you removed the screw from the airbox.

Step 4:

Insert the metal sensor pipe into the Red cotton filter, ensuring the step up silicone ring is between the pipe and the filter. Tighten the jubilee clip, Again tight but not overly tight! Now insert the cream sensor into the sensor hole on the tube. Insert the tube back into the primary induction hose, tighten up the jubilee clip without over tightening. Once the filter and sensor tube is connected, place the filter in the cage pointing downward.

Step 5: 

Push the sensor connector back onto the sensor, ensure all the parts are tightly connectors and there is nothing loose, Start your vehicle and check everything is running as it should be and enjoy :)

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