MK8 Fiesta - LED H7 Installation

This is a guide on how to install our brand new LED H7 dipped beam units to your MK8 Fiesta Halogen Headlights

Please ensure you follow this guide to the letter, as if not installed correctly you risk damaging both your own vehicle and the product. Failure to install correctly will also result in poor results from the product.


Whats in the packet

In the packet you should receive the following items:

  • 2x LED H7 Units
  • 2x Cylindrical Retainer Clips
  • 2x Rubber Vibration Washers

How to fit

Step 1: Remove your headlight from your vehicle. If you are unsure on how to do so please follow the guide in your handbook. Once removed, Remove the rubber cap, twist off the bulb holder clip and remove the H7 Halogen and place to one side.

Step 2: Take the circular plastic bulb clip you removed from your headlight, and following the image below - push the cylindrical retainer clip inside the circular hole of your clip, ensuring that one of the latches on the end of the cylinder sits in the cut out section of the clip (See image)

Ensure the cylinder is pushed fully into the clip so they are flush with one another.

Step 3: Take the rubber washer, and insert it into the headlight where the bulb sits. You will see that the hole is the perfect size for the washer. See 2 images below. Image 1 is what the light looks like, Image 2 shows you with the washer inserted.
Step 4: Once the rubber grommet has been inserted, take your twist in clip, and twist it back into place - at this stage you do not need to insert the bulb. Twist until it locks and ensure the rubber grommet stays in its place.
Step 5: Take the LED H7, with the wire toward the BOTTOM of the headlight, Push the shaft of the LED into the centre of the twist in clip, ensuring that the LED chips are facing LEFT and RIGHT. Continue pushing until the LED will not go any further.
Step 6: Take the plug on the end of the wire of the bulb, and the plug for the H7 inside your headlight and plug these together. Please Note: they will only work one way, so plug the headlight back in and test the dipped beam, if no light - remove the plug and rotate 180 degrees and try again.
Step 7: Once satisfied that everything is working, replace your headlights into your vehicle and make sure both lights are plugged in and screwed back into place, once re inserted, double check the LED H7 are still secure in place and that the LED's are still facing LEFT and RIGHT.
Please Note: Rubber caps are in development, you can either leave the rubber cap off or make a hole in your own cap to reinsert until these are released.
Finally: Stand back and marvel at your awesome new lights - How easy was that?
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