RGB Fog Light Installation

CEUK RGB Fog Light fitting guide
Please use this as a guide if you are unsure about electrics please follow these to the letter or seek guidance. It is really simple and straight forward and should take all together no longer than 30 minutes to fit the fog lights. Although the process is extremely simple it is advisable that if you have no experience of dealing with electrics you leave this to a professional, damage caused to the product as a result of malpractice are not covered under warranty so please ensure before undertaking this task you are equipped enough to do so. 
Also please bear in mind that any electrical mishaps can result in fires so proceed with caution!

DO's and DONT'S
·         Follow this guide exactly to the letter – it is here to ensure no damage is caused to the product or the vehicle!
·         Ask CEUK for help if you need it
·         Have a general basic knowledge for electrics and how it works.
·         Ensure all engine and electrics are switched off
·         Skip any steps
·         Think you know better
·         Be rough with the wires
·         Assume
·         Alter the product in any way (Changing wires etc) - this will Void Warranty with no exceptions
·         Insert the fuse before earth and live are secure under any circumstances!

App to download: Magic Light LED V2

Step 1: 

Remove your headlights and the screws across the top of your slam panel to reveal your vehicles fog lights (Please note, some vehicles fogs may be harder to access, EG from the wheel arch or from underneath.

Step 2:

Remove OEM fog light bulbs from your vehicle and put to one side (Picture 1 below)

Step 3: 

Insert both of the RGB Fog lights you have been sent by ourselves in your vehicles fog light holder, Ensuring the cables from the bulb are left where you can easily reach them! (Picture 2 below)

Step 4: 

The fuse shout NOT be inserted at this stage! Take the RED Cable with the "Battery" sticker - loosen the bolt on your battery live terminal and insert the crimp connector underneath. Once completed, gently tighten back up the bolt ensuring not over tightened causing damage to the bolt, but tight enough to not cause issues with the vehicle. (Picture 3 below)

Step 5: 

Loosen your earth strap or earth terminal connector - Now take the black wire labeled "Earth Strap" and insert this crimp connector underneath. Again, tighten the bolt ensuring tight but not over tightened


Step 6:

Find the white splitter cable coming out from the bluetooth receiver, you will see the white connector has an arrow on one corner. This arrow needs to be linked up with the BLACK cable on the wire for the fog light - There should be a white dot on the connector to highlight this. Plug both fog light bulbs into these connectors ensuring the black cable meets the arrow (Picture 4 below)

Step 7:

Once the fog lights are connected to the sockets, use the tape provided to cover the connectors about 2 inches wide and approx 4 layers. Ensure the tape is tightly sealed to stop any straying water penetrating the connector. (Picture 5 below)

Step 8:

Insert the fuse into the fuse holder on the red cable. The fog lights should now come on. close the cap on the fuse holder, and hide the wiring and bluetooth receiver away from anywhere that has water (Picture 6 below)

Step 9:

Once you confirm everything is wired up and working as it should be, run the cable from the opposite side of the car to the battery across the top inside section of your bumper to hide the wiring (Picture 7 below)

Step 10:

Finally use a cable tie to tie up any loose wiring out of the way so it cannot be seen (Picture 8 below)

Picture 1 

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