RGB Halo Grille Addon Instructions

RGB Halo Grille Addon Instructions

Please use this guide when fitting your LED Grille Strip addon to your RGB Halo Kit - it is important you follow the guides and dont skip a step, as warranty is only provided on this kit if fitting is done correctly.

Do's and Dont's:


  • Follow this guide to the letter
  • Ask CEUK For help if you are struggling
  • Have a basic knowledge of electronics 
  • Ensure fuse is removed from RGB Halos prior to beginning
  • Tape EVERY connection thoroughly once connected.


  • Skip any steps
  • Think you know better
  • Be rough with the strips & Wires
  • Assume
  • Re insert the fuse before being advised to.

Things to look out for:

Be VERY Careful when removing your LED strips from the packaging - Although they are very well put together, being too rough with the strips will remove them from their connection and stop them from working!



Step 1: First of all, The most important thing to do is Remove the Fuse from the Black fuse holder located on the RED wire on your Halo Loom (This is usually about 3 inches away from where you connect the red wire to the battery) This is to cut power completely to the halos and ensure no power surges can occur whilst you are working, as well as protecting yourself.


Step 2: Remove your Headlights, Your front Grille (If you have purchased 2 strips you will need to remove both grilles for easy of access - take care not to damage) and under the screws on the slam panel to allow you to move behind the bumper


Step 3: Remove the electric tape you were supplied with the Halos from the connectors at either side (In between the halo itself and the small driver box) - Once the tape has been removed, Un clip both halos from their driver boxes.


Step 4: Take the Large Wiring loom supplied with your grille kit (Red, Green, Blue & Black cable) - There are stickers on each connector explaining where this goes. Take the Female connector labelled "Driver Box" and attach this to the small box on your drivers side, Then use the electric tape supplied to heavily tape this connection (We recommend 4 layers).


Step 5: Take the connector on the new loom labelled "Driver Halo" and attach this to your drivers side Halo Ring, Again heavily taping this connection with the Electric tape supplied. You will find the third and final adapter at the end of the loom labelled "Passenger Halo" - Run this cable across the top inside of your bumper (Where your bluetooth receiver should have been located) across to the passenger side of the car, and plug the Passenger Halo into this connector and once again heavily taping the connection with the electric tape provided (4 layers).


Step 6: Take the Alcohol wipes provided in the kit and thoroughly clean the area where you will be sticking your led strips (Usually top and bottom of grille) - and using some tissue or a cloth to dry the area. It is VERY important that you do this, otherwise the LED will not stick securely. It is also important that you only use an alcohol based cleaner as anything else will prevent the 3M Tape sticking in place. Once thoroughly cleaned, stick your led strips in place ensuring that the wire runs to the PASSENGER SIDE. If you do not do this, you wont be able to plug them in.


Step 7: Take the connector on the LED strips labelled "Passenger Box" and connect this to the Small black box on the passenger side of the vehicle, again using the electric tape to thoroughly seal the connection (4 Layers).


Step 8: Re insert the fuse in to your black fuse holder, and re connect your halos to your phone. Use your phone app to circuit through the various colours ensuring that everything is working together in sync.


Step 9: Secure all cables with cable ties to ensure not loosely floating around your engine bay, and put your car back together! Job Done, Enjoy.


Issues & Troubleshooting:

My LED strip doesn't come on but my halos do:

Most likely this has been caused by being rough with the LED Strip - where the strip meets the connector covered in black heat shrink, try pushing the strip into the holder - This may solve the issue as it could have just come loose, If not the strip will need returning to CEUK For investigation.

My LED's Are different colour to what they should be:

Getting red instead of purple, or green instead of yellow - and a few other variations is often a sign of water contamination caused by not securing the connections correctly with the tape supplied. Contact CEUK for a resolution 



The product is supplied with 12 months guarantee providing they are fitted correctly and no steps are missed. Any faults caused by not fitting the strips correctly are NOT covered under warranty. This is very strict and there will be no exceptions.

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