Stay in Touch & Keep up to date

Stay in touch and keep up to date with CEUK Product releases, discounts, sales and more. Simply click 4 buttons on your Facebook app to ensure every time we post something that you may be interested in, you get notified in the form of a Facebook notification.

Sick of spam emails, Tired of missing out on the best deals and new prices? Then this may well be for you. A simple notification stating "Car Enhancements UK has a new post" which you can decide yourself whether you want to view it or not. 

Entirely not in your face, the choice is still yours. Interested? Simply follow the below steps:


Step 1: Open the Facebook app and navigate to the Car Enhancements UK Facebook page (Or click Here)



Step 2: Click the Follow / Following button Just below our page name. This will open a "Your Subscriptions" Page.



Step 3: Ensure "Get Notifications" is enabled and the "In your newsfeed" section the icon for "See First" is selected

Step 4: Click the "Edit Notifications Settings" Link.



Step 5: Ensure that both "Posts" and "Events" are selected as above.


That's it - All done.

The best thing is, if its (sadly) not for you - this can all be undone as quickly as you did it!

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