Transit Custom Footwell Installation

Transit Custom Footwell Installation


Please ensure these instructions are followed step by step to insure you do not damage the product and your vehicle. Damage caused by incorrect installation is not covered by Warranty, by proceeding with the installation you are agreeing to this!

Step 1:

Remove the cover to your fuse box, This is located under the steering wheel and is the left side panel. Gently, but firmly pull the cover from the fuse box.

Step 2:

Remove fuse number # from your fuse box ensuring you do not damage the fuse. Insert this fuse into the piggy back fuse holder slot on the kit we have supplied. Then take the piggy back fuse and insert this into the slot of the fuse you removed. You may need to bend the wire slightly to fit in the tight space between the fuses and resistors.

Step 3: 

Just below the fuse box you will see a screw in the bottom middle of the trim (Use pic below as reference). Undo this screw and tuck the black wire connector between the metal bar and plastic trim. Re tighten this screw ensuring that the black connector remains in place.

Step 4:

Plug both LED Panels into your loom (Ensuring red to red and black to black) to test the system is working. Please note the lights will only come on with the ignition so once plugged in ensure the ignition is switched on.

Step 5:

Route the wire for the passenger footwell panel to the passenger side - We ran the cable round and tucked it in between the trims under your gear stick. Ensure this is tightly pulled to (But not tight enough to cause damage) so the cable does not fall down on its own.

Step 6:

Plug the panels back in to the loom, Remove the backing tape from the panels and secure in a flat location preferably somewhere in the middle of the footwell (for best light dispersion). Hold the panel firmly in place about about 5 seconds to ensure a firm bond is made.

Step 7:

Finally ensure any excess cable is secured with a cable tie and moved out of sight to be hidden, replace the fuse box cover and marvel at your brand new footwells!

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