1.0 EcoBoost C:Performance AirTec Stage 2 Intercooler

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Due to our ongoing relationship with the kings of cooling, AirTec Motorsport - CEUK and C:Performance can proudly offer this CEUK Branded AirTec Stage 2 intercooler for the 1.0 EcoBoost MK7 Fiesta (All Models)

Coupling the best EcoBoost cooler on the market, with the CEUK Brand allows us to give our loyal customers the best of both!

Choose from Silver or Black with your chosen colour CEUK Logo, And chosen colour of silicone Hoses

This fits with all MK7 Factory bumpers, AND the Maxton Design RS Look Bumper

Intercooler will fit 100PS / 125PS / 135PS and 140PS (Red and Black) models.
As fitted to our 1.0 demo car.

Proven horizontal 60mm core, runs left to right of the end tanks this gives the single pass design intercooler the shortest route for the charged air to pass though, with such a small turbo, the faster the charged air can get in & out the better.

Another great must have with our design is making full use of the hottest part of the intercooler, which is the top section, this is on full show allowing maximum Airflow. Tip, more of the grill can be opened up with Dremel or Drill to allow even more Airflow to the intercooler, we suggest to do this whilst fitting.

Proven and tested at Collins Performance with great results!

Standard intercooler:
62 Degrees

Airtec Stage 1 Intercooler:
44 Degrees

Airtec Stage 2 intercooler:
20 Degrees

  • Twin pass huge 60mm core Intercooler with flowed cast end tanks, this means less welding and a stronger Intercooler
  • Comes with full fitting instructions & pipe work 
  • No cutting bumper with our intercooler kit 
  • Un-Beatable value for money
  • Available in Satin Black or Natural Silver
  • Airtec 3 year unlimited mileage warranty
  • Fitting will take 1-2 hours depending on mechanical skill
  • 1x CEUK Branded AirTec Stage 2 Intercooler
  • 2x Pro Silicone Hoses (In your chosen colour)
  • 2x Metal Pipework (As Pictured)
  • Fitting & Mounting Kit
  • Full Fitting Instructions
  • Thickness – 60mm
  • Width – 525mm
  • Height – 378mm
  • Intercooler Volume Capacity (The amount of charged air that the intercooler can hold) - AIRTEC: 3.45 litres