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AIRTEC Motorsport Focus ST 225 Stage 3 Hybrid Turbo

£1,041.67 (£1,250.00 Inc VAT)

AIRTEC Motorsport Stage 3 360bhp Hybrid Turbo Set Up.

Stage 2 - Compressor wheel, Turbine wheel, heat shield, bearing/seal and actuator upgrade.

  • LARGE Billet six-blade 40Lb/min compressor wheel – FRSMK2 c/w
  • CNC re-profiled compressor cover
  • Flowed/ported inlet  and outlet compressor cover
  • Modified seal plate
  • Motorsport large thrust 360 thrust assembly
  • Total seal turbine piston ring seal
  • Upgraded K16 turbine wheel
  • 7 deg cutback to turbine wheel exducer blades
  • CNC re-profiled turbine housing to accept K16 turbine wheel
  • Billet SS heat shield to match the larger K16 turbine wheel
  • CNC port matched turbine inlet/manifold runners
  • Turbosmart IWG75 Actuator

Recommended Devil or custom remap for maximum power.

Development car seeing 360bhp, tested at 2 separate rolling roads. 
Some cars have seen 380bhp with RS hardware ie: Crossover & RS software.


Exchange - £1,250.00 - send a standard Focus ST Mk2 turbo, this way you don't have to pay a surcharge but it will take longer to complete, in some cases we will have a turbo waiting to be sent out which we will send 'conditions apply' must be in a re-useable condition.

Exchange sending back old unit once removed -  £1,250.00 + surcharge of £250.00 In this case you pay the surcharge price and then once you have removed your old standard turbo, send it back to us and we will pay the surcharge costs back 'conditions apply' Old turbo required back within 21 days of purchase and must be in a re-useable condition

Outright - This option you don't need to worry about sending a standard turbo back to us, this is perfect if you want to put your car back to standard in the future.

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