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CEUK 3/4 Stage 3 Intercooler - MK7 Fiesta ST

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CEUK Ford Fiesta ST ST180 MK7 Ecoboost Stage 3 Front Mount Intercooler


engineered using the same tube and fin core as the COBB Fiesta ST intercooler from the USA and a cast ends welded on here in the UK.


Tested on vehicles with Hybrid turbos as well as our very own MK7 RT330 track build!


Featuring a massive 70mm core that is stepped up at the front to create a much greater surface area for cooling (670mm x 270mm). The flowed cast end tanks and increased surface area provide the best cooling properties.

Only 3/4 in heigh still allowing air to pass through where needed as opposed to blocking with full face 

The intercooler is a direct fit and there are some great videos on YouTube to follow. However, professional installation is recommended and should take approximately 1-2 hours. 

 proven to handle over 350bhp as we have a few customers running around this power now.



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