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Clay Mitt Kit Including Pink Mist Lube

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The Clay Mitt size is 14.5 x 21.5 cm, Clay Surface 14.5 x 20.5 cm which is a larger area than a clay bar would cover giving a quicker finish to claying.

Regular Professional grade clay mitt, the polymer surface helps remove contaminants without the use of chemicals and lasting much longer then traditional clay bars. After decontamination, use the reverse to clean over the freshly clayed area to remove any lube.


1. Ensure surface is washed, decontaminated using BEDAZZLED Tar and Glue, Xtreme Stance Fallout Remover and then washed back over using our Detailers Choice Shampoo.
2. Spray our Pink Mist Lube over the area you are working ideally on a freshly rinsed wet area.
3. Work your clay mitt over the area you have just lubed until you feel the area becoming smoother and then sliding like glass.
4. Re Wash the mitt in your clean wash bucket if you feel it is required.
5. Once the whole vehicle is fully clayed a quick wash and rinse is advisable before drying.
6. This is the perfect time to now apply a Hard Wax or Sealant such as our One Shot Body to your fresh flatted paintwork.

Note: If you drop the Surface Prep Mitt on the ground, simply rinse it with water. Do not use harsh detergents to clean the mitt. A mild shampoo and water solution is all that’s needed but make sure the mitt is clean or you make mark your paintwork, if you are unsure stop check the mitt and stop using it if you feel it is contaminated.

A clay mitt can be re used multiple times unlike a clay bar and covered a wider area making claying easier however a clay bar is still classed as a more professional product and our clay bar is a smoother product, there are pros and cons of clay bars and mitts and generally a mitt is an more commonly chosen product but a clay bar will always be our chosen item however will take longer to use and is a more expensive option being a one time item. Either way always choose a know, branded and tested item as cheap clay products will damage your vehicles paintwork.

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