#Enhanced Permanent Footwell Kit

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A common message from our customers: "Your footwell lights are so bright! but i want them on while i drive"

You asked, We have answered! We now give you the Enhanced Permanent Footwell Kit for the MK7 Fiesta.

A Simple plug and play kit that works separately to your existing footwell lights and provides you with Ultra Bright Footwell lights when your vehicle is started.

The kit takes approximately 10 minutes to install and is completely independent meaning your existing footwells will still work as they do currently.

These kits are fully made in house at CEUK HQ and are made to order.

The kit is fully fused and surge protected to ensure no damage can be caused to your vehicle. Comes with full installation instructions including pictures!

How does it work?

The kit works off of a Piggy Back fuse system and takes power from an ignition Live fuse, Meaning when you turn your ignition on or start the vehicle the wiring loom is supplied with power causing the LED's to ignite! Once the vehicle is switched off power is cut to the loom and the LED's go off. This is a totally independent kit and does not affect any other lighting system within the vehicle, OEM footwells still perform the same.

Whats in the Kit

Footwell only kit:

-Plug & Play Wiring Loom

-2x 12smd Panels in chosen colour


The kits are fully made to order, We will hold pre made kits in stock but during busy periods kits may only be built to fulfil orders. 

To this affect, if the kit is made specifically for your order it will be dispatched within 48 working hours of your purchase. Please bare this in mind whilst waiting for your kit to arrive.

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