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#Enhanced illuminated Door Sill Protectors - ST Line Edition

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Enhance the entrance of your vehicle with this fantastic product from CEUK

We give you the #Enhanced illuminated door sill protectors - ST Line Edition

in a choice of 3 solid colours this is truly a masterpiece

Whats in the kit?

  • 2x illuminated door sill protectors in chosen colour
  • 2x 36smd footwell panel replcements 
  • 2x wiring looms

Please Note: The footwell panel colour will be the same as the kick plate you choose! If you wish to change this colour to another, Please contact us via our Facebook page Immediately after purchase!

How does it work?

Simply unplug your existing footwell bulb (or LED if MK3 focus) from the holder, Take the wiring loom from the CEUK kit and insert as you would a bulb. The wiring loom has a 2 way splitter, one way incorporates an adapter for the 36SMD footwell panel, the other going to a plug for the Kick plate. Once plugged in, Remove the adhesive backing on both the kick plate and footwell panel and secure in the desired location. A simple yet efficient plug and play system taking 3 minutes per side to install!


Our aim is and has always been to bring you the best possible products to #Enhance your vehicle, and this is another step in the right direction! Modify your ride the #Enhanced way!

That #Enhanced Guarantee?

This product is covered under our #Enhanced guarantee scheme, which provides you with a minimum of 12 months warranty on all components within this product. Warranty is provided subject to our Warranty Terms & Conditions!

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