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Fiesta MK7 ST180 Stage 3 Front Mount Intercooler

Regular price £162.50 (£195.00 Inc VAT)

MTC Motorsport Ford Fiesta ST ST180 MK7 Eco Boost Front Mount Intercooler.

The intercoolers have been tried and tested and are on a many already with absolutely fantastic results. The temps compared to the standard intercooler are so much lower.

Using the same core as the COBB fiesta St intercooler from the USA and a cast ends welded on here in the UK these are a seriously great upgrade.

The standard intercooler and the MTC intercooler both had intercooler intake temperatures of between 140-150 degrees every time through 3 runs.

At the other side of the intercooler into the engine the standard intercooler temps were between 85-100 degrees whereas the MTC intercooler temperatures were in the 30's over all 3 runs!

This intercooler does come with brackets!

The MTC intercooler features:

Massive 76mm 3" core Intercooler with flowed cast end tanks

Very easy to fit, there are some great videos on YouTube
Available in Polished Alloy, or can be sprayed black but chips off very easily...
Fitting will take 1-2 hours

Proven to handle over 370bhp as we have a few customers running around this power now.

Please note intercooler is a direct fit but you may have to modify the front plastic under tray or remove it from the car as the intercooler core is quite large.

As good as if not the best intercooler on the market for the Fiesta ST with a fantastic price tag!!

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