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Fiesta ST 180 EcoBoost Turbo DAIS "Direct Air Induction System" GGF5000

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Fiesta ST 180 EcoBoost Turbo DAIS Direct Air Induction Kit System K&N Air Filter GGF5000

  • Improved power and throttle response
  • Improves under-bonnet acoustics ( sounds great !! )
  • Amplifies wastegate chatter
  • Replaces OE airbox
  • ABS plastic direct air feed
  • Made In Britain

The NEW GGR Fiesta ST 180 now features our new design of induction system. We have created a open element induction system which utilises a ABS plastic direct cold air feed to the induction cone filter. The kit consits of a spun aluminium bellmouth with CNC machined boss for the Mass Air Flow sensor to sit, a large K&N conical air filter element, precision vacuum formed ABS plastic air intake guide to channel cold air directly to the air filter, and all brackets to securely mount the assembly. As can be seen from the pictures the K&N filter is positioned directly behind the bonnet slam panel, well away from the hot engine, and the ABS plastic moulding feeds cold air directly to the conical filter. We have only just finished the development of this product but can report noticeable improvements in throttle response, a slight increase in induction roar, and a noticeable wastegate chatter and dump valve release. We would also expect this filter to enable at least 10BHP more power, dependant on engine management system calibration.

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