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The Fiesta ST MK8 GPF Delete Pipe by VUDU is here!!

Introducing the outstanding Fiesta ST MK8 GPF Delete Pipe to the expanding VUDU Products range. The GPF Delete pipe is available Resonated or Non-resonated. If every time you start your engine you want to feel like you're in a race car then this is what you need!

Removing the GPF from your exhaust allows for an increase in performance as well as a sportier sounding exhaust. The resonated option provides a subtle increase whereas the non-resonated pipe has the purest, loudest sounding exhaust.
Our team of designers has designed a V-band connection that allows for a straight fit onto your car. Unlike some other GPF Delete Pipes that require cutting the pipe to fit the VUDU pipe is a straight fit with no hassle.

How it works:

The GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter) acts as a secondary catalyst reducing the car's emission output. The GPF restricts airflow from your engine, removing allows the air to flow straight through the pipe allowing for the purest sounding exhaust. The removal of the GPF allows the engine to pump more air out providing an increase in performance.

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