Golf R MK7- KW- Coilover Variant 3 inox

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KW coilover variant 3 inox-line


KW coilover variant 3 inox-line Unlimited individuality for performance & comfort. With separately adjustable compression & rebound dampening. State of the art motor sport technology guarantees more performance on the street. The damper setup can be adjusted to suit the driving behaviour or changing vehicle conditions like with, tyre characteristics or changing vehicle stiffness according to the driver's individual needs. The unique patented system makes real performance possible. By having an increased compression force the grip of the tyres can be optimized, the steering behaviour can be improved or the pitch can be reduces without changing the rebound damping which would cause grip reduction and loss of performance. - Independently adjustable damping technology for rebound and compression - Strut housings in stainless steel technology inox-line - TÜV-tested adjustment range for maximum or individual lowering - High-quality damping components for a long duration - Complete scope of delivery including detailed documentation - Adjustable rebound damping with 16 exact clicks - Individual adaption of basic setup in +/- direction (+) less body movement / (-) more comfort - Adjustable compression damping with 12 exact clicks - Individual adaption of basic setup in +/- direction (+) Support/more grip/more performance (-) Comfort / adaption of tire stiffness

Height adjustable front and rear axles (front axle threaded strut housings, rear axle adjustable springs + dampers)Only for cars with a clamp diameter of 55mm on the front axle

Dampers are adjusted by easily operating adjustment wheels. Rebound is only adjustable if the top of the piston rod is accessible. This will depend on the vehicle construction.

Electronic damping control has to be deactivated. Deactivation kit is included in the delivery.

Delivery content:
Set FA coilover struts,RA springs with height adjustment + dampers

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