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Matt Magic Vinyl Specific Hard Wax 100ml

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'Inspired Automotive’s Matt Magic’ is a hard wax and only a very light application is required to coat each panel.

The best way to describe how this was works on a vinyl is to say that the vinyl usually feels like old paint and failty rough, however once applied the vinyl has a similar feel to that or paintwork which has been clay barred and then waxed.

A specially formulated wax designed to work on Matt paintwork and Vinyl surfaces to ensure a deep gloss look, on most occasion the scracthes usually found on vinyl will also dissapear.

Application is very simple, using a microfibre pad apply ‘Inspired Automotive’s Matt Magic’ to a cool, clean dry panel and leave for approximately 5/10 minutes before removing. For best results apply a second coat to provide the ultimate protection.

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