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Maxton Design - Fiesta MK7 Roof Spoiler FACELIFT model (Focus RS Look)

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Roof spoiler for Ford Fiesta Facelift Model
FITS: Ford Fiesta MK7 facelift model 2013-2016 (compatible only with standard ZETEC pre-facelift 2008-2012 roof spoiler)

Product code: FO-FI-7-RS-D2

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All Maxton Design Fibreglass items, such as bumpers, Spoilers and spoiler extensions - as well as skirts will require “prep” before installing! These are not a simple “un-box & fit” modification. In transit, the items may get chipped or marked and as such prior to painting it is important you understand that the parts may require Filling, Sanding & Repairing prior to going to paint, which can be undertaken by any reputable body shop at minimal cost! 



Return requests based on the reasons Above are not accepted so please be aware you have agreed to this statement And the definition of “Prep” prior to purchasing. 



Please note - to fit this spoiler you will need a ZETEC spoiler for it to be bonded to. If you purchase the spoiler without taking this into consideration, any request for a return will be subject to a 20% restocking fee!

Product is made of Fiberglass.

All parts are brand new. Material is weather resistant, will not deform in low and high temperatures. Parts made of Fiberglass characterize with increased strength and flexibility. Parts are unpainted. Buyer is advised to entrust the installation to an expert. Parts need to be prepared and trial fitted before painting.

This product has been TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified (TUV certify for material).

Please allow 7-10 day delay.

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