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Milltek Sport Fiesta ST180 Cat Back Exhaust NONE resonated (Race Version)

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Milltek Sport Fiesta ST 180 Cat Back Exhaust ( Non Resonated Race Version) - Milltek Sport Exhaust
  • Essential for Maximum Performance
  • Class Quality and Guarantee of the Milltek Sport Brand.
  • fitting kit included
  • Huge Increase in bore size to 70mm
  • Use OEM Gasket

Release the Flow from the new Mk7 Fiesta ST 180 Ecoboost engine with a Milltek Sport Non resonated Race Version Sports Exhaust System. A New Release from Milltek Sport : The ST180 Mk7 Ford Fiesta Ecoboost gains a the fantastic 70mm Stainless steel performance exhaust system. With a beautiful engine note the new Ford Turbo 1.6 Ecoboost engine is brought to life with this piece of artwork again crafted by the masters at Milltek Sport. So what is the difference between the two non resonated Milltek Systems ? The cost of the non resonated vs the Race non resonated is exactly the same. Its all about the internal design of the full flow 70mm pipework . The Race Version has less silencing than the normal non resonated.. The standard non resonated noise level is all taken care of by some very special full bore trickery within the single rear silencer box. Its not about restricting flow, its about reflecting sound waves internally to create a perfectly tuned rear silencer.

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