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Milltek Sport - Focus MK4 ST - Resonated GPF Back Exhaust

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Ford Focus ST 2019 Mk4 joins the Milltek fast fleet and goes straight into development

As with all previous generations of Focus ST models, Milltek Sport is again one of the first to throw it's hat into the ring with the latest Mk4 model. Having received one of the first cars to arrive in the UK, Milltek Sport has wasted no time in getting the car straight into it's development centre. Milltek is no stranger to this new turbo charged 4 pot motor used on the Mk3 Focus RS. A number of options are available including cat back and full turbo back systems, all featuring full integration into the Focus drive select mode switch and electronic exhaust valve control system.

Available with the Following Trims

  • Polished GT115
  • Cerakote Black GT115
  • Titanium GT115
  • Burnt Titanium GT115
  • Carbon Fibre 115mm

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