MTC Motorsport Fiesta Mk7 Spoiler Risers

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MTC Motorsport Fiesta Mk7 and 7.5 Wing Riser Kit.

These are machined aluminium blocks designed to raise the rear spoiler on the MK7 and MK7.5 Fiesta ST180 and 1.0L Ecoboost

They are made from a high grade billet aluminium on the best CNC machines in the business.

When they have been machined and all the holes have been tapped they are anodised in gloss black to stop corrosion.

The wing riser kit is for anyone who is looking to give their fiesta a more aggressive look with the spoiler sitting at more of an angle.

The lift of the rear wing also helps to keep the back window clean as it directs the air down and across the face of the glass.

They look great when installed and very easy to do.

It is advisable to use Threadlock on the bolts, and ensure these are tightened securely!

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