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Pro Alloy Intercooler Upgrade PUMA MK2 ST

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PUMA MK2 ST Intercooler Kit

The new Pro Alloy Intercooler for the PUMA MK2 ST is one of the largest MK2 intercooler on the market. This full height intercooler makes the most of the available space behind the Fiesta’s large open grills massively improving cooling performance.

The impressive stats below show how big this intercooler is compared to the original.

Pro Alloy Intercooler vs Standard Intercooler

= 215 % Increase in Core frontal surface area

= 80.4 % Increase in calculated internal tube flow surface volume

Installation of this fantastic kit is also exceptionally straight forward, with the intercooler simply clipping into place, and without the need for modifying or trimming any of the original parts. With the bumper removed swapping the original intercooler with the Pro Alloy unit can be completed within less than 5 minutes. - Perfect for less experienced home mechanics.

Don’t fancy installing the kit yourself? Contact us for installation by our skilled mechanics at our purpose-built facility in Bradford West Yorkshire

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