Show Glaze

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The ultimate wet look glaze, With light filling powers but primarily designed to add that extra depth to your paints finish and top up your wax coverage show glaze was created with the show scene in mind.

Ever wanted to know the truth about glazes and how to apply them, Well there isnt a wrong way but there is a professional way.

Its a common misunderstanding that you should glaze then seal then wax, now obviously a glaze which helps hide light marks on your paint is a good start and in theory correct when it comes to application processes but most glazes only last a few days so think about it, you spend all day cleaning your car, then apply a short lasting glaze, then a long term sealant then a wax. But and here is the professional view, when the glaze dissolves in a few days where does the sealant and wax go because they don’t sit on the paint. In fact they dissolve with the glaze making all that time and work pointless.

Here at inspired we designed our glaze to last around 2 months so should you wish to apply it in the commonly known even though incorrect method at least your time hasn’t gone to waste. However if you would like to apply it in the manner we do ourselves then prep your paint, seal if you choose, wax then use the glaze as a night cheaper alternative to a wax top up and get that additional and more in depth gloss finish.

Why not also apply our QDS, QDS lite or even Gloss Effect quick detailers over the top at shows and events to give it that quick one wipe top up

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