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Starter sample kit

£9.17 (£11.00 Inc VAT)
Check out our starter sample kit!

Wanna try out our cleaning products, but don't want to spend £80 on a full kit without knowing what you're buying?
Then we have the solution for you

This kit will give you a chance to experience our products without having to fork out for the pleasure

This kit contains <b><u>Seven</u></b> products designed to give your car a full basic wash inside and out!

The kit includes <b><u>one</b> of everything below</u>

1x 200ml Bottle of Snow foam
1x 50ml detailers Choice shampoo
1x 50ml Xtreme stance fallout remover
1x 50ml wide stance wheel cleaner
1x 50ml of QDS
1x 50ml El Tang interior cleaner
1x 50ml fragrance (choice of 5 flavours, please add your flavour to the message at checkout, if no message is received we will pick a flavour for you. Choose from Cherry drop, bubble gum, iced lemon, Vanilla and Coconut)

Starting at just £10, grab yourself a bargain today

<font color="Red"><b>Please note: we offer 3 different types of snow foam, and 2 types of QDS - in this kit you will receive "Snow Foam without Wax" and "QDS". If you wish to change the snow foam type, to either "Wix wax" or "Scene Collection" .. And also change the QDS to "QDS Lite" please add this to the message at checkout!</b></font>

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