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Forge Uprated Intercooler for Citroen DS3 and DS3 Racing

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The factory fitted Citroen DS3 intercooler is very small and located at the side of the radiator. It was possibly an afterthought for this model as Citroen fitted it with a fan to try and improve its performance. Our initial testing, of the original set up, showed very high inlet temperatures (60°C) from just a single dyno pull, so spirited driving or driving on track will likely result in even higher temperatures and a lack of power.

Our development team have designed the Forge intercooler to optimise the space left over by the car designers that is otherwise wasted. The core is impressive at 600mm long and 70mm thick, yet careful selection of the core design results in no additional lag compared to the small stock core.

During our testing on the dyno, we recorded maximum inlet temperatures of just 30°C (that’s 30°C cooler). With more power and torque right through the midrange with gains of 29ft/lb and 13bhp. Unfortunately our test car was running a standard exhaust which proved very restrictive and we failed to realise the top end gains that would otherwise have been available. The addition of a better flowing exhaust would likely result in an even stronger midrange and gains right through the rev range.

This kit is includes all the parts required, including a comprehensive set of instructions. With no cutting of the bumper required the installation time is around 4 hours for the home mechanic.

This intercooler is larger than the OEM intercooler and uses a highly efficient tube and fin core design.
Our core uses up all the space that Citroen had failed to take advantage of.
The core measures 600mm in length and is 70mm thick.
Recorded inlet temperatures were reduced from 60 to 30 degrees.
Midrange with gains of 29ft/lb and 13bhp.
Installation requires NO cutting of the bumper at all.
Total fitting time is only around 4 hours.
Suitable for both DS3 and DS3 Racing.f

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