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Wheel Seal

£16.50 (£19.80 Inc VAT)
The ultimate in Wheel Protection from Dirt, Dust and Road Salt!
A great Wheel Wax Sealant that provides a combination of outstanding Shine, longevity and Wheel Protection. Every pot of Inspired automotive’s Wheel Seal is hand blended and hand-poured right here in the UK to ensure consistent results and high quality.

Whilst specially blended and developed to give supreme performance, The core job of our Wheel Seal Wax is to protect your wheels from dirt, because its from Inspired Automotive it is also very easy to apply and buff off with very little effort.

Suitable for both demanding car lovers, detailers, Valeters as well as first time users.
Inspired Automotive Wheel Seal Wax And Sealant-Super Fruit Blue Fragrance provides a tough barrier against dirt, Road Salt and brake dust while delivering an excellent shine for your wheels. When applied to your wheels Wheel Wax will protect and add that gloss shine and make wheel cleaning so much easier to achieve.

Available in 100 & 200ml

Directions For Use:

Make sure your wheels are clean and cool before starting. Apply in thin coats and leave to cure for around 10 minutes or until hazy, before buffing with a soft clean microfibre cloth folding and rotating as you buff. While not always needed a second application will increase durability and make wheel cleaning much easier in future.

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