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Xtreme Clutch Kit – Twin Organic Rigid Inc SMF and CSC – Focus MK3 RS KFD23659-2G

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Xtreme Clutch – Clutch Kit – Twin Organic Rigid Inc SMF and CSC – Focus MK3 RS

230mm Twin Organic – SMF and CSC – 885 ft-lb

The Torque figure stated on each item is a Safe guidline and each product will be able to handle slightly higher torque outputs.

Xtreme Clutch has been at the forefront of performance clutch technology for decades.

After years of research, development and testing. Xtreme has officially released the Xtreme Twin Plate Carbon Clutch.

The in house testing machinery and close bonds with motorsport has allowed Xtreme to do extensive testing on various combinations of materials and disc designs to suit high performance and racing applications

The New 230mm Twin Organic has arrived. With the New Organic Copper Mix friction material it has been created with both performance and Street use in mind. The Organic material offers Zero judder in engagement and  a very light pedal effort. Making this kit ideal for big power road cars.

* Club discount codes are no long available on this product. 
This includes the 'Airtecdeano' code - Xtreme Clutch. *

Tried and tested in UK Time Attack - Fitted to our Focus RS demo car.

Part no: KFD23659-2G

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