Xtreme Clutch - Single Rigid Solid Organic Fiesta ST180 KFD24639-1G

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Clutch kit- Single Rigid Inc SMF , CSC, and ARP Flywheel bolts

The kit is designed to overcome the OEM Dual Mass Flywheel weakness converting to Solid Mass for ultimate reliability and driveability.

The Rigid Organic friction disc makes this kit very user friendly for street use combined with the Billet Alloy pressure plate allowing for a very light action pedal feel.

Xtreme Clutch has been at the forefront of performance clutch technology for decades.

The in house testing machinery and close bonds with motorsport has allowed Xtreme to do extensive testing on various combinations of materials and disc designs to suit high performance and racing applications.

The Xtreme Clutch name has become extremely well known with high performance. Xtreme has earned its reputation as Australias largest manufacturer and stockist of clutch kits and components.

Your Xtreme Clutch has been professionally engineered and developed as a brand new product resulting in a clutch that exceeds application requirements for performance, wear and drivability in the long term.

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Clutch Kit- Single Rigid Solid Organic.

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