#Enhanced Edition Independent Chaser Grille Light Kit

£37.50 (£45.00 Inc VAT)

All the colours of the rainbow - at once!




You've seen our chaser halos, but what about our chaser grilles?

This fully independent and self serving kit allows you to install an LED strip behind your grille and use your phone to choose from any colour you want - or several at the same time.

Fully plug and play and easily installed this kit has a far superior output to any other grille light kit, Providing both stylish looks and excellent performance.

Please note: General discount codes can not be applied to this item, Unless otherwise Advised!

Whats in the Kit?

  • 1x Bluetooth Receiver
  • 1x Power wiring loom with inline fuse
  • 1 or 2 LED Strips
  • 1x Extension Cable (if 2 strips)
  • 1x Fitting Kit
  • Instructions


The kit is very easily installed, taking power from your car battery and fully controlled by your mobile phone. The LED strip is provided with an amount of self adhesive clips which can be used to place your LED strip behind the grille, alternatively you can use a form of adhesive to secure in place, EG Tiger Seal (Not provided)


All kits are Made to order - we aim to have kits dispatched within 48 working hours of the order date. During busy times, this may be slightly extended.


48 months warranty is applied to this kit!

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