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Instructions & Guides

Please find our Instructions Guides below and ensure they are followed exactly as they read:


** Maxton Design **

- Maxton Design fitting instructions

** Exterior Lighting Guides **

- Fitting a HID Kit (Ultimate & Enhanced V2) to a MK8 Fiesta

- Demon Beam installation Guide

- MK8 Fiesta LED H7 Dipped Beam installation Guide

- MK4 Focus H7 HID Dipped Beam installation Guide

- RGB Halo Fitting Guide 
- RGB Grille Addon for RGB Halos fitting guide 

- RGB Halo - Chaser Edition installation guide 

- Independent Chaser Grille Strip Installation Guide.

- Transit Custom Halo Installation Guide.

** Interior Lighting Guides **

- MK3 focus Footwell installation guide 

- Ambient Permanent Footwell Kit Installation

- Chaser Edition Glove Box Strip Installation Guide.

- Ambient Permanent Footwell Kit Installation 

- RGB Glove Box Strip Kit
- Enhanced Edition Glove Box LED Strip Installation Guide. 

- Transit Custom Footwell Installation Guide. 

- Enhanced Edition Double Boot Light Installation. 

** Hardware Installation Guides **

- Aesthetic Energy MK7 Fiesta Wing Riser Fitting Guide
- Aesthetic Energy MK8 Fiesta Wing Riser Fitting Guide
- Aesthetic Energy MK2 Focus 25mm Wing Riser Fitting Guide
- Aesthetic Energy MK3 Focus Wing Riser Fitting Guide
- MK8 C:Performance Induction Kit Install.


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