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Performance - Mercedes B Class (W245) 2005-2011

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  • Anti-Roll Bar - Link - WhiteLine - Car Enhancements UK

    WhiteLine Anti-Roll Bar - Link - WhiteLine

    Important Notes: Adjustable Extra Heavy Duty Not many enthusiasts are aware that OE and more importantly aftermarket Anti-Roll bar effectiveness can be hindered by worn or inadequate mounts, drop links and lateral stoppers. Whiteline adjustable Anti-Roll bar links are engineered to be up to the task with top spec, light weight componentry combined with a window of adjustability, eliminating Anti-Roll bar preload on installation but most importantly ensuring the maximum output of the Anti-Roll bar for improved grip and better handling. Compatible With: FORD ECOSPORT BK 12/2013-ON FORD FIESTA WS WT 1/2009-7/2013 FORD FIESTA WZ EXCL ST 8/2013-ON FORD FIESTA WZ ST 8/2013-ON FORD-FIESTA-ST-WZ-ST-8-2013-ON KIA CLARUS K9A 1995-2001 MAZDA 323 BA BH 7/1994-9/1998 MAZDA DEMIO DE 9/2007-7/2014 MAZDA MAZDA2 DE 9/2007-7/2014 MAZDA MX3 EC 11/1992-10/1997 MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS W169 9/2004-6/2012 MERCEDES-BENZ B-CLASS W245 3/2005-11/2011 NISSAN JUKE F15 8/2010-ON NISSAN MICRA K12 10/2003-9/2010 NISSAN NOTE E11 2005-2012 NISSAN TIIDA C11 2/2006-2012 RENAULT CAPTUR X87 2/2015-ON RENAULT CLIO III X85 INCL SPORT 2005-8/2013 RENAULT CLIO IV X98 9/2013-ON RENAULT MODUS 1ST GEN 9/2004-2012 UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS-SWAY BAR - LINKS AND BUSHINGS-UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS SWAY BAR - LINK ADJUSTABLE BALL/BALL STYLE ALL


  • Anti-Roll Bar - Link - WhiteLine - Car Enhancements UK

    WhiteLine Anti-Roll Bar - Link - WhiteLine

    Knock, knock, knock! That's the sound you hear when your Anti-Roll bar links are not doing their job. Links are a common service item due to either worn or over compliant bushings/ joints and possibly bent or snapped centre bodies. Upgrade from the old units to Whiteline Anti-Roll bar links with superior features that outlast and outperform the original equipment. WARRANTY: Backed by a 3 year warranty Compatible With: ABARTH 124 348 3/2016-ON ALFA ROMEO 147 (TYP 937) GTA 6/2003-3/2010 ALFA ROMEO 156 (TYP 932) 6/1998-5/2006 ALFA ROMEO 166 (TYP 936) 10/1998-6/2007 AUDI A3 MK2 (TYP 8P) 7/2004-2012 AUDI S3 MK2 (TYP 8P) 7/2004-2012 AUDI TT MK2 (TYP 8J) 8/2006-1/2015 BMW 3 SERIES E46 10/2001-2005 BMW X1 E84 9/2010-9/2015 BMW Z4 E85 E86 2003-2008 CHEVROLET AVEO T200 T250 2003-2011 CHEVROLET CAPTIVA CG 10/2006-ON CHEVROLET KALOS T200 T250 2003-2011 CITROEN C-CROSSER 2007-2012 CITROEN C4 AIRCROSS 4/2012-ON CITROEN C5 RD TD 2/2008-ON DAEWOO KALOS T200 3/2003-12/2004 DAIMLER SUPER EIGHT X350 5/2003-3/2009 FIAT 124 SPIDER 8/2015-ON FIAT FREEMONT JC 8/2011-ON FORD ECOSPORT BK 12/2013-ON FORD FOCUS LR EXCL RS AND ST170 9/2002-4/2005 FORD FOCUS LR RS 10/2002-11/2003 FORD FOCUS LR ST170 10/2002-11/2003 FORD FOCUS LS LT LV EXCL RS ST AND XR5 5/2005-3/2011 FORD FOCUS LS LT LV ST/XR5 4/2006-6/2012 FORD FOCUS LW LZ EXCL RS AND ST 4/2011-ON FORD FOCUS LW LZ ST 6/2012-ON FORD FOCUS LZ RS 2016-ON FORD FUSION 1ST GEN 2006-2012 FORD KUGA TE TF 2008-ON FORD MONDEO MA MB MC 5/2007-2014 FORD PROBE ST SU SV 7/1994-1/1998 FORD-FOCUS-RS-LR-RS-10-2002-11-2003 FORD-FOCUS-ST-LR-ST170-10-2002-11-2003 HONDA ACCORD CG CK 3/1997-6/2003 HONDA CIVIC EM EP ES EU 11/2000-2005 HONDA CIVIC FA FG FK 2/2006-2011 HONDA CIVIC FN2 TYPE R 2/2006-2011 HONDA CR-V RD1-RD3 1995-2001 HONDA CR-V RD4-RD7 2002-8/2006 HONDA FIT GD 12/2002-7/2008 HONDA HORIZON KH 4/1992-2005 HONDA HR-V GH 1/1999-7/2002 HONDA INTEGRA DC5 TYPE R TYPE S 9/2001-9/2006 HONDA JAZZ GD 10/2002-7/2008 HONDA S2000 AP1 AP2 8/1999-2009 HYUNDAI ELANTRA HD 10/2006-6/2011 HYUNDAI ELANTRA TOURING HD 7/2007-2010 HYUNDAI GETZ TB 9/2002-8/2011 HYUNDAI I30 FD 7/2007-2011 HYUNDAI LANTRA J2 J3 8/1995-10/2000 HYUNDAI TIBURON RD RD2 8/1996-2002 INFINITI G SERIES G37 2008-ON INFINITI G SERIES V35 10/2003-2007 ISUZU BIGHORN UBS25 26 69 73 4/1992-9/2004 ISUZU D-MAX TFR 2WD 10/2008-5/2012 ISUZU D-MAX TFR 2WD 6/2012-ON ISUZU D-MAX TFS 4WD 10/2008-5/2012 ISUZU D-MAX TFS 4WD 6/2012-ON ISUZU TROOPER UBS25 26 69 73 4/1992-9/2004 JAGUAR S TYPE X200 1/1999-2008 JAGUAR XJ X350 5/2003-3/2009 JAGUAR XK X150 3/2006-7/2014 JAGUAR-F TYPE-JAGUAR F TYPE X152 10/2012-ON JAGUAR-XF-JAGUAR XF X250 3/2008-4/2015 JEEP COMPASS MK49 9/2006-ON JEEP PATRIOT MK74 2/2007-ON KIA CLARUS K9A 1995-2001 LEXUS GS300 JZS147R 1991-1997 LEXUS RX330 MCU38R 2/2003-1/2006 LEXUS RX350 GSU35R 1/2006-2012 MAZDA 323 BA BH 7/1994-9/1998 MAZDA 323 BJ 9/1998-12/2003 MAZDA 626 GE 1/1992-6/1997 MAZDA CX-5 KE 4/2012-2/2017 MAZDA DEMIO DE 9/2007-7/2014 MAZDA DEMIO DY 12/2002-8/2007 MAZDA MAZDA2 DE 9/2007-7/2014 MAZDA MAZDA2 DY 12/2002-8/2007 MAZDA MAZDA3 BK EXCL MPS 2003-9/2009 MAZDA MAZDA3 BK MPS 7/2006-5/2009 MAZDA MAZDA3 BL EXCL MPS 4/2009-1/2014 MAZDA MAZDA3 BL MPS 7/2009-1/2014 MAZDA MAZDA3 BM 2/2014-ON MAZDA MAZDA5 CR19 2005-ON MAZDA MAZDA6 GG GY 8/2002-1/2008 MAZDA MAZDA6 GG MPS 9/2005-2007 MAZDA MAZDA6 GH 2/2008-11/2012 MAZDA MIATA NC 9/2005-1/2015 MAZDA MIATA ND 8/2015-ON MAZDA MX3 EC 11/1992-10/1997 MAZDA MX5 NC 9/2005-1/2015 MAZDA MX5 ND 8/2015-ON MAZDA MX6 GE 9/1991-9/1997 MAZDA RX8 FE 7/2003-7/2012 MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS W169 9/2004-6/2012 MERCEDES-BENZ B-CLASS W245 3/2005-11/2011 MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS W203 S203 CL203 5/2000-5/2008 MERCEDES-BENZ CLC-CLASS CL203 5/2008-6/2011 MINI MINI R50 R52 R53 INCL JCW 9/2000-2/2009 MINI MINI R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R60 R61 INCL CABRIO AND JCW 3/2007-10/2016 MITSUBISHI ASX XA XB 7/2010-ON MITSUBISHI LANCER CB GSR 10/1992-1/1994 MITSUBISHI LANCER CC EXCL GSR 9/1992-7/1996 MITSUBISHI LANCER CC GSR 1/1994-2/1995 MITSUBISHI LANCER CE SEDAN COUPE AND HATCHBACK 7/1996-6/2002 MITSUBISHI LANCER CJ FWD 10/2008-ON MITSUBISHI LANCER CJ RALLIART AWD 10/2008-ON MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION EVO I II III 10/1992-8/1996 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION EVO IV V VI 8/1996-3/2001 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION EVO VII VIII IX 3/2001-10/2007 MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER ZG ZH 11/2006-10/2012 MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER ZJ ZK 7/2012-ON NISSAN 350Z Z33 10/2003-2009 NISSAN 370Z Z34 2008-ON NISSAN FAIRLADY Z33 10/2003-2009 NISSAN FAIRLADY Z34 2008-ON NISSAN JUKE F15 8/2010-ON NISSAN MICRA K12 10/2003-9/2010 NISSAN NOTE E11 2005-2012 NISSAN SKYLINE R33 GTR GTS-4 AWD 4/1993-2/1998 NISSAN SKYLINE R33 GTS GTS-T RWD 4/1993-2/1998 NISSAN SKYLINE R34 GTR AWD 5/1998-2002 NISSAN SKYLINE R34 GTS GTS-T RWD 5/1998-2002 NISSAN SKYLINE V35 AWD 6/2003-9/2007 NISSAN SKYLINE V35 RWD 6/2003-9/2007 NISSAN SKYLINE V36 AWD 11/2006-ON NISSAN SKYLINE V36 RWD 11/2006-ON NISSAN STAGEA M35 AWD 10/2001-6/2007 NISSAN STAGEA M35 RWD 10/2001-6/2007 NISSAN TIIDA C11 2/2006-2012 NISSAN X-TRAIL T30 10/2001-9/2007 OPEL AGILA B 2008-ON OPEL ANTARA CG 10/2006-ON OPEL FRONTERA MX 2/1999-6/2004 OPEL MONTEREY UBS25 26 69 73 1994-2002 PEUGEOT 4007 GP 2/2007-ON PEUGEOT 4008 4/2012-ON PEUGEOT 407 6C 6D AND 6E 9/2004-6/2011 PEUGEOT 508 8/2011-ON RENAULT CAPTUR X87 2/2015-ON RENAULT CLIO III X85 INCL SPORT 2005-8/2013 RENAULT CLIO IV X98 9/2013-ON RENAULT MEGANE III X32 B95 E95 K95 X95 11/2010-2016 RENAULT MODUS 1ST GEN 9/2004-2012 SEAT ALTEA MK1 (TYP 5P) 2003-ON SEAT LEON MK2 (TYP 1P) EXCL CUPRA R 5/2005-2012 SEAT TOLEDO MK3 (TYP 5P) 2004-2009 SKODA OCTAVIA MK2 (TYP 1Z) 3/2004-2012 SKODA SANDI MK1 (TYP 5L) 5/2009-ON SKODA SUPERB B6 (TYP 3T) 2008-2015 SKODA YETI MK1 (TYP 5L) 5/2009-ON SUBARU LEGACY BE BH INCL TURBO 9/1998-8/2003 SUBARU LEGACY BL BP INCL TURBO 9/2003-8/2009 SUBARU OUTBACK BH 9/1998-8/2003 SUBARU OUTBACK BP INCL TURBO 9/2003-8/2009 SUZUKI SWIFT EZ 2/2005-1/2011 TOYOTA ARISTO JZS147 1993-1996 TOYOTA CAMRY ACV36 MCV36 8/2002-5/2006 TOYOTA CAMRY ACV40 AHV40 6/2006-1/2012 TOYOTA CAMRY SXV10 VCV10 4/1995-3/1998 TOYOTA CAMRY SXV20 MCV20 8/1997-7/2002 TOYOTA CELICA AT160 ST160 ST161 ST162 ST163 FWD 10/1985-10/1989 TOYOTA CELICA AT180 ST182 ST183 ST184 FWD 10/1989-12/1992 TOYOTA CELICA ST165 GT4 AND ALL TRAC AWD 10/1985-10/1989 TOYOTA CELICA ST185 GT4 AND ALL TRAC AWD 10/1989-12/1992 TOYOTA CELICA ST204 FWD 3/1993-11/1999 TOYOTA CELICA ST205 GT4 AND ALL TRAC AWD 3/1993-11/1999 TOYOTA CELICA ZZT231 11/1999-3/2006 TOYOTA COROLLA AE101 102 112 7/1994-9/2001 TOYOTA COROLLA AE90 92 93 94 95 96 6/1989-9/1994 TOYOTA COROLLA ZZE122 123 12/2001-4/2007 TOYOTA RAV 4 ACA20 21 22 23 5/2000-11/2005 TOYOTA RAV 4 ACA31 33 36 38 ALA30 GSA33 11/2005-1/2013 TOYOTA SUPRA JZA80 1/1993-2002 TOYOTA SUPRA MA70 71 10/1983-4/1993 TOYOTA VIENTA MCV20R 8/1997-7/2002 TOYOTA VIENTA VCV10 4/1995-3/1998 UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS-SWAY BAR - LINKS AND BUSHINGS-UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS SWAY BAR - LINK ADJUSTABLE BALL/BALL STYLE ALL VAUXHALL AGILA B 1/2008-11/2014 VAUXHALL ANTARA J26 H26 10/2006-ON VAUXHALL FRONTERA MX 2/1999-6/2004 VAUXHALL MONTEREY UBS 9/1991-7/1998 VAUXHALL-VXR8-VAUXHALL VXR MALOO GEN F 6/2013-ON VAUXHALL-VXR8-VAUXHALL VXR8 E SERIES 8/2006-5/2013 VAUXHALL-VXR8-VAUXHALL VXR8 GEN F 6/2013-ON VOLKSWAGEN EOS MK1 (TYP 1F) 2006-ON VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK5 (TYP 1K AND 1KP) FWD 8/2003-2009 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK5 R32 (TYP 1K AND 1KP) 4MOTION 8/2003-2009 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK6 (TYP 5K) FWD 12/2008-1/2013 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK6 R (TYP 5K) 4MOTION 12/2008-1/2013 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA A5 MK5 (TYP 1K) 2/2006-5/2010 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA A6 MK6 (TYP 1B) 6/2010-ON VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 B7 (TYP 3C) FWD 2006-2011 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT CC (TYP 3C8) 1/2008-2011 VOLKSWAGEN-BEETLE-VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE MK5 (TYP 1L) 2011-ON VOLKSWAGEN-BORA-VOLKSWAGEN BORA MK5 (TYP 1K) 2/2006-ON VOLKSWAGEN-SCIROCCO-VOLKSWAGEN SCIROCCO MK3 (TYP 13) 2008-ON VOLKSWAGEN-TIGUAN-VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN MK1 (TYP 5N) FWD 5/2008-4/2016 VOLKSWAGEN-TOURAN-VOLKSWAGEN TOURAN MK5 (TYP 1T) 10/2003-5/2010 VOLVO S60 MK2 2011-ON VOLVO S80 MK2 6/2006-ON VOLVO V70 DZ 5/2007-2014 VOLVO XC60 DZ 10/2009-ON VOLVO XC70 BZ 5/2007-2014 VOLVO-C30-VOLVO C30 MK2 12/2006-2013 VOLVO-C70-VOLVO C70 MK2 12/2006-2013 VOLVO-S40-VOLVO S40 MS MK2 6/2004-2012 VOLVO-V50-VOLVO V50 MW 6/2004-2012



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