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Performance - Toyota Auris MK1 (2006-2012)

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  • 6 Piece Universal Canard Set (None Drill) - Car Enhancements UK

    Inspired Race Developments 6 Piece Universal Canard Set (None Drill)

    Pack of 6 none drill universal canard set with carbon finish and Gloss Black Finish You get 3 sizes of Canard, with 2 of each size - for you to create the ultimate look on your vehicle Coated with matte black vinyl these give the carbon affect and add a really cost effective race look to any vehicle  The canards come with pre applied 3M scotch tape meaning there is no drilling or screwing required for application.  Heat up the tape and ensure the area is cleaned with IPA or alchohol wipe prior to application for best results 

    £20.00 - £24.00

  • Sale -17% CEUK Official Logo Gel Badge - Car Enhancements UK

    CEUK Official Logo Gel Badge

    Introducing the brand new Ceuk official logo gel badge  Much like our official sticker this features the full logo as one emblem with a gel resin cover  The perfect gel badge for anybody wanting to show off where their #Enhancements came from or simply show the love of CEUK 


  • Sale -17% Toyota Auris MK1 dress up kit - Car Enhancements UK

    Toyota Auris MK1 dress up kit

    Here we have our Bespoke dress up kits, One of the things that we are most famous for! Why do people spend thousands on making their engine bay look magical, but not replace the grubby rusty screws that come with your car from factory? That is a question we frequently ask, and we have the solution! We supply Anodized washers, complete with a stainless steel screw, to replace your existing ones and make your car really "Pop". The benefits are, Basically: Your screws will never rust You can select any colour you want! This kit is for the MK1 Toyota Auris Contents: 12x washer - 12x stainless steel screw Locations: Headlights, wing, slam panel, battery tray and bumper You've seen these on eBay for £7, So why buy from us you ask... Well, The ones on eBay come with M6 screws. We can assure you that these screws will not fit in your car. Also, our washers are made from a premium grade aluminium and anodized to last, Unlike their cheap counter parts. Our products are specific to your motor, And our replacement screws are direct stainless steel replicas of the factory screw. Meaning when they arrive, you fit them! No messing about, and no disappointment. Ad-Hoc screws and washers can be ordered, Please contact us for details!


Performance - Toyota Auris MK1 (2006-2012)


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