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Fiesta mk7 ST #Enhanced Interior light kit

Regular price £15.42 (£18.50 Inc VAT)

Enhance the interior of your fiesta ST with this specific interior kit for your vehicle. With the brightest interior lighting that Ceuk offer,

Turn heads with your illuminated interior and feel enhanced as people watch in awe.

The kit includes:
-2x Footwell Panels
-2x interior panels (front and rear welcome light)
-2x map light bulbs
-1x Boot Light

Select your colour from above, and every light in that kit will be received in your chosen colour.
If you wish to mix and match the colours you will need to order each item separate, please contact us for relevant product links.

The total RRP of this kit is £19.50, but bought together you will pay just £16!
This is a massive upgrade to our standard fiesta st interior kit as it contains panels instead of bulbs.

Choose to add the Ceuk final touch with our interior gel badges, for lower steering wheel and passenger air bag light to truly enhance the inside of your ST

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