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Mk2 Focus "Facelift" full kit

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Mk2 Ford Focus full kit 

This kit is for the FACELIFT Ford Focus!

H7 Dipped beam x2
H1 main beam x2
501 sidelight x2
H11 fog lights x2
501 number plate lights / units x2
382 canbus error free reverse x1
501 footwell x2
239 welcome light x2
501 map light x2
501 boot light x1

RRP £66.50

Please note - some mk2 Focus have 1 light either side just above the sun visor, these are NOT included with this kit - you will need to order 2x 501 interior bulb (not panel) (link below)

The pictures display our number plate units - these are an additional option of £12 within the listing. The units are much brighter however the bulbs are just as great!

The Dipped & Main beam are from our famous IllumiNite Range, With the rest of the kit consisting of items from BriteVue!

Please note: General discount codes can not be applied to this item, Unless otherwise Advised!

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