Fiesta MK8 Race Tow Strap kit - available in 7 colours

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Finally an off the shelf way to fit a Race Tow Strap to your Fiesta MK7, no bumper removal and then never using it because your to scared it may crack your bumper due to being bolted in a incorrect towing position 

In Fords wisdom they made the original towing eye thread custom, this meant we have to make a tool just to cut the thread on the adapter, then we added a flat section so you can tighten it with a 19mm spanner

Complete kit, Genuine THS Tow strap, adapter boss and Tow strap fixing bolt £34.95

Easy fit zinc plated Tow strap machined adapter thread 'M10 Thread' £24.95

Thread avalable on it's own, or with the optional tow strap.

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