Revo MQB Lower Torque Mount

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Revo Torque MountMore power results in more movement during aggressive acceleration. The stock torque mount is designed to offer comfort over performance and does not manage engine movement effectively. Designed to significantly reduce the loss of torque and drastically improve traction and acceleration, the Revo Torque mount has little to no effect on vibration and harshness levels (NVH) felt in the cabin.

Key Features

  • Dramatically reduce drivetrain movement
  • Improved acceleration and torque
  • Simple and easy to install with tool included
  • Doesn't require sub-frame removal for installation

Arguably the most vital engine mount upgrade to consider, testing highlighted that the engines stock lower torque mount allowed a substantial amount of engine movement to occur. Although some improvements were noted during testing of an insert style upgrade designed to stiffen the standard mount, there was a significant increase in NVH felt in the cabin. This was dramatically reduced when completely replaced with the Revo polyurethane torque mount and also improved acceleration.

Fitting Kit

A Revo installation tool is included to make removal of the OEM mount and installation of the replacement as quick and easy as possible. This allows the OEM part to be removed and the Revo part to be installed without removing the sub-frame, reducing installation time and the need for axle re-alignment.

OEM Comfort, Aftermarket Performance

To achieve the optimal balance between performance and comfort, several different durometer bushings were tested on a Volkswagen Golf Mk7 GTI. Bushings were systematically tested at precise increments at each mount location. A 3-axis accelerometer was used to quantify the NVH levels being transmitted into the cabin, as well as the acceleration of the drivetrain during loading.

Accelerometer data gave us a way to compare mount combinations against each other with a low data error percentage and to quantify driver comfort as well as engine movement. Supplemental data was taken from VCDS to ensure each individual test was standardised over a given throttle, RPM and speed range. The graph shows the amount of vibration measured whilst driving through the gears.

Technical Documents

The following documents are available to view:

Fitting instructions

Download the Revo MQB Torque Mount Instructions HERE

Fitment Notes

Lower torque mount kit includes torque mount and Installation toolFull Mount Kit available, including Engine, Transmission and Torque mount

Vehicle Applications

  • Audi A3 8V 2.0 TSI 2012 onwards
  • Audi S3 8V 2.0 TSI 2012 onwards
  • Audi TT MK3 2.0 TSI 2014 onwards
  • Audi TTS MK3 2.0 TSI 2014 onwards
  • Seat Leon MK3 2.0 TSI 2012 onwards
  • Skoda Octavia 2.0 TSI 2013 onwards
  • VW Golf GTi 2.0 TSI 2012 onwards
  • VW Golf R 2.0 TSI 2012 onwards
Please note: due to the nature of Torque Mounts, the bushes can be compromised by incorrect fitment etc. Due to this there is a zero tolerance return policy on all torque mounts, By purchasing you agree to this.This includes items that are claimed to be unused!

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